I’ve been wanting to pursue this for years.  Nature recordings set to music is nothing new, and my original inspiration was Dan Gibson from his work in this area decades ago.  I have tapes and CDs my wife and I purchased in Canada over 25 years ago (we used to camp at Neys and other provincial parks).

The recording below is only a concept at this point.  The idea was – “let’s see what we can do with some of these nature recordings”.

The track below is five tracks mixed down to stereo:  2 tracks from storm recordings, 1 track with me noodling on the trumpet, and 2 tracks with me playing with the drum kit that comes with the iPhone. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll be pursuing a more polished version (and additional recordings like this with different themes) – utilizing musicians from family.

The following recording was made rather hastily.  I was warming up by doodling/improvising against a blues track, and my dog was upstairs howling her heart out.  So I grabbed a mic and a stand, strung up 40 feet of XLR, and recorded the duet.  Me, in the basement and behind a closed door, and her, upstairs in the living room.  This is what I caught.  I’m in including it on this page because I’m thinking of incorporating her into the nature recording idea I described above.