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Nature, urban, and fun 

Think about as a division of Jansen Photography (

For years, our media capture concentration was for weddings and senior pictures.  Nature photography and recording nature sounds was a kind of side hobby, but now that we’re no longer pursuing portraiture and wedding gigs, we can begin to concentrate on our real passion, the vast soundscape.

Kalamazoo area Artistic Recording with an Ear for Detail

The ultimate goal is to build a collection of related volumes of recordings of natural sounds and human-made sounds for pure listening pleasure.  While this is not a business per se, it is an extension of Jansen Photography, so depending on where this goes (just a hobby or something more?), I may restart Jansen Photography and pull it out of mothballs.  My main interest is recording natural sounds – birds, waves, wind effects, frogs, insects, thunderstorms, etc.  You’ll hear quite a cross-section of sound variety in the samples library, which I am very slowly building.  Dale Jansen, Jansen Photography and Nature Sound Pro.